Introduction of Wuxi Museum

Founded on October 15th, 2007, Wuxi Museum is a combination of the previous Wuxi Revolution Museum, Wuxi Museum and Wuxi Science Museum. It opened to the public on October 1st, 2008, with a construction area of 71,000 square meters and an exhibition area of 24,100 square meters. Wuxi museum is currently the largest public cultural service facility in the city, receiving annually an average of 600,000 visitors.

The design of Wuxi Museum is based on a "people-oriented, audience foremost" concept, and the 27 basic exhibitions are divided into four areas, namely, Wuxi history, science and technology, video education and special exhibitions. With China's largest Exploratorium of integrated circuit and China's first virtual western art exhibition, with an advanced digital management system of cultural relics and an academic hall with the capability of simultaneous interpretation in five languages ; with a 4D cinema, a Dynamic Effect Cinema and a Digital Dome Theater, Wuxi museum is a large, modern museum with the multi-function of exhibition, education and entertainment. Wuxi Museum is also in charge of Zhou Huaimin Painting Museum, Chinese National Industry and Commerce Museum of Wuxi, Chengji Art Museum, Zhang Wentian Former Residence and Wuxi Ancient Stone Inscriptions Museum.

The museum has implemented free admission policy since its opening and has begun its year-round exhibition since 2011, making it the first free museum which allows year-round visiting in the country.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1, Wuxi Museum is responsible for the collection, restoration and preservation of cultural relics and natural science specimens.

2, Wuxi Museum is responsible for spreading historical and scientific knowledge and promoting national culture through various exhibitions on revolution, history, art, science, technology and etc.

3, Wuxi Museum is in charge of the identification and research of all its collection, specimens and documentation. It also conducts academic researches on history, cultural relics, museology, popular science education and etc.

4, Wuxi Museum cooperates with domestic and foreign history museums,revolution museums, science museums and related research institutions. It also provides guidance to local museums.



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